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Founded in 1999, Sunmixer was established in Yuhuan, Zhejiang's southernmost city with the largest number of islands. From a family workshop of 50 square meters to 1800 square meters in 2003, it has grown to 13,000 square meters of modern standard factory. The company began to produce household faucets and plumbing valve parts in 1999, at the very beginning the products are sold only in domestic market, later on spread into the foreign markets, and won praises from customers at home and abroad! In the second half of 2002, we began the development of the first pre-rinse unit. It was completed in 2003 and pushed to the market. In the same year we started to develop the commercial faucets. From 2006 to 2008, we obtained cUPC certification in the United States, WRAS certification in the United Kingdom and ACS certification in France, and our products were recognized by these countries. From then on, our commercial faucets began to enter the European and American markets. With the sales channels of these markets and positive customer’s feedback, Sunmixer began to vigorously develop commercial faucets, and started the development of European commercial faucets in 2013. At the same time, in order to improve product quality and higher quality requirements, we began to apply for NSF certification in the United States. From 2003 to 2013, this decade has witnessed a tremendous change for Sunmixer, from one product to the whole product series, from American commercial faucets to European commercial faucets, from development to product improvement in order to obtain various certifications, Sunmixer pursues higher quality.

Sunmixer has more stringent requirements on product quality, and the test requirements exceed the industry test standards. We constantly improve the details of the products, and the improved products are durable, allowing customers to have no worries in the use process. Our products, with the same industry parts interchangeability, flexible supporting maintenance, has been recognized by the industry. Now, Sunmixercommercialfaucets are widely used in high-star hotels, fast food chains, coffee, milk tea, hospitals, schools and other industries.

In 2018, Sunmixerfaucets passed the inspection of China's national CQC agency and obtained the CQC energy saving and safety certification. In the same year, it passed the certification of CQC (ISO 9001-2015) quality management system, which made the quality management of Sunmixer go to a higher level.

Our tenet: customers receive goods in the shortest time, Sunmixerprovides the fastest delivery. The customized spare parts will be produced by Sunmixerin the shortest time. Sunmixer buys time for customers and saves the high cost and time cost caused by import. With high standard quality and fast delivery, Sunmixer enables customers to gain higher competitiveness in the market, while reducing inventory and maintenance costs.

Localized services. As long as you have needs, we are ready to customize your products and accessories!

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